In conclusion…

So this is it. Classes are over and tomorrow begins finals week. I’m making some final touches on the critical essay today and studying for my first final tomorrow.

Hons201 was great fun and I’m genuinely sad to see it end. Prior to the class, I’d not been entirely familiar with feminist concepts. I think the greatest impact it’s had on me is that I hadn’t really applied feminist concepts to any media I was watching/listening to and now…well. I find myself being unable to STOP analyzing everything I watch/listen to. The blatancy of discrimination in society seems to have been amplified after taking this course. But, that’s good! Awareness is good (well, except, in the case of pinkwashing…but that’s another story).

I have to say I most enjoyed reading the radical feminist pieces by Rich and Caputi. I am actually using one of the readings from the same class for my critical essay (see: Cyberfeminism 2.0, Chapter 12), which is on intimate partner violence among same-sex couples.

All of the lecturers throughout the semester were fantastic. They spoke about topics I was not familiar with and they were engaging whilst doing so.

Some topics were difficult to relate to, such as trans* issues. Some topics I feel I need to explore more, either because it was complex or simply because I’m still interested in the topic.

Maintaining this blog was a challenge and a joy at the same time, and I just may continue to write more posts after the semester’s over (it’ll probably be less frequent, though). And I must add that I was/am impressed with the eloquence and depth of analysis in my classmates’ blog posts. It was a pleasure interacting with my classmates and being guided by professor Daniels and professor Richardson.

I wish you all the best on your finals/critical essays. I wish you all a fantastic winter vacation. If I don’t speak to you ever again (meaning, if you delete your blog/Twitter or happen to never be in another THHP class with me…) I wish you a FANTASTIC life.

Thanks for a great semester.



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