Introduction to the blogger.

Greetings blogosphere!

My name is Sarah Hatoum, I’m majoring in history at CUNY Hunter College and I hope to pursue a masters degree in Library Science. I enjoy long walks on the internet, indulging myself in anything and everything British (especially Victorian) and obsessively using Yelp to track the newest restaurant I’ve tried.

This blog is for my Hons 201: Feminism, New Media & Health class, and will entail my analysis and musings of modern feminism.

I’ve been interested in feminist ideas ever since high school. Admittedly, going to an all girl’s (Catholic) high school helped inspire more interest because I felt a widespread sense of solidarity. Then–fast-forwarding a bit–I took ‘Introduction to Women and Gender Studies’ last semester, and that class showed me the new and fascinating world of feminist analysis.

I have never really been active in the feminist community. I had passively observed the internet’s whirlwind of opinions, critiques, and analyses for too long and now, finally, I’m going to make my voice be heard, thanks to this course! Huzzah!

I think the role technology has played in the feminist movement is incredible. Blogging is such a simple way to be a part of something monumental. I think everyone should have a blog or some kind of media platform if one wants to establish oneself as an activist because it allows a person to easily connect to other activists, exchange ideas, and organize movements (hence the title of my blog, which is a play on the title of a Virginia Woolf essay called ‘A Room of One’s Own).’ The internet never sleeps and if you speak, there’s always someone who will listen (and may not necessarily like what he/she hears).

I look forward to an enlightening and productive semester in Hons 201!



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